Commissioned feature scripts include 'Contorted Hazel' - Quarter Finalist PAGE INTERNATIONAL SCREENWRITING AWARDS 2009 and Los Angeles Bluecat International Screenwriting Competition and selected for the BAFTA Rocliffe New Writing Forum at the Edinburgh Film Festival 2011.
Numerous produced short film scripts including Bojangles, Contorted Hazel; numerous Short film scripts including 'Falling Red' that also was a finalist in the PAGE and Bluecat competitions 2009. Children's books and animation series also commissioned.

Published poet, essayist, critic and journalist.


Forever falling,
Moving forward.
Losing balance,
Gaining conscience.

Not thinking,
Just moving.
Walking over,
Before passing.

Just passing,
Walking away.


Standing on a bridge
As the world washes over me again, will this be the end...of
Carve myself real
Symphony in stone, from which I can protect my self exist
alone, exist alone

View from a bridge
Watching as the world washes me by again, fly from severn
Number a man
With no body to save, a Mishima being slave washed away
slow, slowly burns

Veins roots of flowers
Aching upwards to the darkening sky, fake the faker meat my
Deep black water
Generously invites me, to it's home within the waves time is
gone, and so am I...